BOSS BODY BLUEPRINT Coaching Call Application **PLEASE READ THIS FIRST** This is an opportunity to apply for a coaching call to help me understand what YOU need to move your fitness to the next level! Your time is very valuable, as is mine, and I only speak with highly motivated people who truly want to take their mindset and fitness to the next level. I want to help women make a lifestyle, overcome self doubt, learn how to lift #LikeABoss and love their sexy AF body! I assume that is YOU since you're here and taking the time to fill this out! **I WILL REVIEW YOUR APPLICATION AND YOU MAY RECEIVE AN EMAIL TO SCHEDULE A 1:1 CALL WITH ME** Are you ready to achieve your health and fitness goals and BE A BOSS BABE?!
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What is your #1 goal to accomplish in the next 6 months? *

Where do you currently workout? *

Specifically, how do you want to feel, what do you want to look like? What will that do for your LIFE? *

What is your biggest struggle currently? *

On a scale from 1-5 how hungry are you to overcome your obstacles and achieve your goals? (1 being "It would be nice" // 5 being "I MUST do this") *

I only operate from a F*ck yes life, and everything else is a no. If we should get on a call, and it's a F*ck yes to work together, are you willing to make the investment in yourself to hire a coach? *

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